Visa Base II Processor

One of the most important tasks for providing services in VISA environment is the consistency with the VISA mandates. To address this issue all organizations providing VISA services are obliged to undertake certification cycles.

While the online certification process is straightforward, the batch process presents greater difficulties. One of the most common problems is the creation of the Base II file. The Visa Base II processor is a stand-alone application that helps organizations create Base II files based on the online transactions that were performed in the test environment.

The application works with the ACI Postilion™ platform and connects to the database to retrieve transactions from the test environment. Using a configuration driven by a graphical interface, it then proceeds to create the Base II file corresponding to those transactions.

Visa Base II processor has a pluggable nature, allowing for easy extension and granular configuration. The user can attach plug-ins to the application to split the CTF in several batches, to transform TC records to refunds or to allow the user to edit TC records before they are written to the CTF file.

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Visa Base II Processor highlights

  • Works with the ACI Postilion™ Platform (versions 4.x and 5.x, protected issuer mode is not supported) that use the VisaBase12 node.
  • Process any number of transactions from an online system.
  • Interactive process, guided by a graphical user interface.
  • Pluggable and extensible architecture. Can be modified to read transactions from other sources as well.
  • Supports TC05, TC06, TC07, TC91 and TC92 records.
  • Supports division of the produced CTF into a number of batches, using the Batches plug-in.
  • Can transform TC transaction records to the respective refund records, based on visual user feedback, when the Refunds plug-in is used.
  • Allows the user to edit TC05, TC06 and TC07 records before writing them out to the final CTF file. Each field is visually altered by the user when the Transaction plug-in is used.