Systems Integration

Systems integration has traditionally been a crucial specialty in the financial industry. As a systems integrator, we build systems for our clients in the electronic funds transfer and the payments systems industry.


Codix combines hardware and software products from multiple vendors and our partners, providing end to end solutions and services.

Using our professional services, a company can align cost effective, pre-configured components and software to meet its key business goals. The creation of these information systems includes designing or building a customized architecture or application, integrating it with new or existing hardware, software, and communications infrastructure.

Postilion Case Studies

  • Customer: a top-3 local Bank with over 1000 ATMs and over 1 million debit cards
  • Codix has provided:
    • Complete system architecture
    • Postilion system infrastructure design, including a Disaster Recovery solution
    • Postilion interconnection with the international schemes (Visa, MasterCard) and a local transaction switch
    • Postilion integration with other Bank systems: Card Production, PIN Production, core legacy host, internet banking, alerting
    • Implementation of Dynamic Currency Conversion subsystem for ATMs based on Postilion
    • Operations Design
    • Postilion Case Studies
  • Customer: a major Middle East Bank.
  • Based on ACI requirements, Codix has developed and has delivered:
    • Four Node interfaces (AS/400, ON/2, Equation, Prime)
    • One Node Integration Driver (mini-statement)
    • Three PostCard Plug-ins (card production, pre-processor, post-processor and validators)
    • One PostCard Extract
    • One Postilion Office Extract
    • One Postilion Office Settlement Component Plug-in
    • Two Stand Alone Applications

Throughout the development project, Codix has met every deadline and the delivered software has been acknowledged by ACI and the customer as high-quality

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