BabeL™ is a solution that can help you take your payments platform into the 21st century.

Today’s modern systems have taken great steps towards the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) vision. The corner stone of the ESB vision is the Service  Oriented Architecture or SOA. A SOA environment offers significant benefits to enterprise users in terms of both interoperability and quick implementation times, thus enabling faster time-to-market.

BabeL™ is a middleware platform, that can enable a payment system participate in a SOA environment with ease.

BabeL™ allows payment systems to expose payment integration options over the web, by creating and publishing web services, which are then translated, mapped and routed as ISO8583 messages to the payment system.

On the other end BabeL™ can also assist in the integration of your payment system to external entities over the web, by consuming the web services provided by these parties. This is achieved by translating and mapping ISO8583 messages to web service calls.

All this functionality is available using configuration only, without any coding that can be expensive, time consuming, difficult and costly to maintain and update.

Out of the box, BabeL™ can communicate with Base24™, Base24-eps™ and Postilion™ using BICISO and PostBridge protocols. However, BabeL™ comes with an extensible mechanism that allows an ISO8583 implementation to be plugged-in to it using configuration only, so it is possible to use BabeL™ with any payment system.

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Expose web services

The BabeL™ (Source) deployment option allows you to create and publish web services that can be consumed by external entities, such as your mobile or internet site, an IVR system or an embedded client. BabeL™ (Source) then translates web service calls to ISO8583 messages which are sent to your payment system.

Application programmers of such external systems are, therefore, presented with a clean web service interface and need not be aware of the intricacies of ISO8583. BabeL™ (Source) acts as a black box that takes care of message translation, field creation and request/response matching behind the scenes.

BabeL™ (Source) allows users to identify information present in composite ISO8583 fields (such as the additional amounts field) and extract that information for presentation in a manner suitable more to web services (such as distinct ledger balance and account balance output parameters).

Download this file (Babel_updated_1.pdf)BabeL brochure