Payment services

Codix executives have extensive expertise in the area of electronic funds transfer and payments systems


Our specialists have been working in the payments industry for more than 15 years and can bring value to your projects. Our organization packs more than 100 man-years of experience in the area of payments systems. We have been involved in the planning, design, implementation, support, migration and enhancement of payment systems (specifically the Postilion and ON/2 platforms) since the early 90s and we can deliver significant value to your organization.


Our partners, which include ACI Worldwide and Stratus, provide a network of experts and expertise upon which our people leverage to keep up to date with current developments. Having close ties to key industry players, we are constantly on the forefront of the payments industry, have first-hand information on key developments and can help your organization to get ahead of the curve.


Our people have great communications skills, team spirit, pride in their work and are hard working.


Payment systems implementation

Our systems integrator profile enables our team to realize that the most important factor in the success of a project is the complete understanding of the needs and requirements of the customer. We have a deep understanding of the challenges involved in the implementation of complex, highly scalable and large volume systems and we offer a range of project implementation services. Our approach to such projects is that of total ownership.

Project Manager

The role of the project manager is to control and manage the delivery of all aspects of the Postilion system according to the customer specifications and proposed schedule/cost. Activities include schedule management, subcontract management, risk assessment, configuration control, preparation and participation of status reports and project reviews, and coordinate problem resolutions. The project manager has a technical background in EFT software solutions and has a deep understanding of the Postilion platform.

Solutions Architect

The solutions architect is responsible for the requirements analysis, the design of the Postilion solution and the authoring of the Business Solution Specification (BSS). Once the initial design is completed, a project still requires the involvement of a solutions architect. The role of the solution architect is responsible to understand the customer requirements and determine the best method of delivery with or without customizations.


The developer is responsible for the authoring of custom system component code and documentation and authoring of unit tests. Additionally, the developer coordinates with the implementation engineer to solve code issues and provideclarifications with component test and deployment.

Implementations Engineer

The implementation engineer is responsible for the site preparation, installation, configuration, testing support, troubleshooting and issue resolution, low-level customer training and knowledge transfer for the Postilion platform. The implementations engineer is also responsible for the rollout support and hand-over support.

Test Lead

The test lead liaisons between the customer, the implementations engineers and the developers to assist the customer during integration, certification, regression, stress and user acceptance testing.