Office XML Stripper

When transactions are normalized from ACI Postilion Realtime™ to Office™, a bulk of unnecessary information is copied over to the Office system.

The majority of unnecessary data is located in the contents of structured data. This field contains large chunks of information that is needed only during the authorization phase but is useless in Office. Structured data is the largest contributor to the disk space required by a normalized transaction.

Office XML stripper is a normalization extension to Office that allows users of Office to save database space by filtering out unnecessary structured data during the transaction normalization phase. The extension is capable of treating messages according to their type, a feature that can be easily configured to fit the needs of individual installations.

Office XML stripper allows users to select specific structured data tags to be removed per message type. When transactions are normalized, Office XML stripper removes the specified tags from structured data fields, sending to the database only the information that is really needed. It is estimated that when used by an institution possessing an ATM network, the Office XML stripper extension can reduce space taken by structured data by 60% 70%.

Decreasing the volume of information saved in the Office database results in reduced storage costs, increased database efficiency and reduced database maintenance costs.

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Office XML Stripper highlights

  • Configurable list of structured data tags to remove.
  • Configurable list of message types to act upon.
  • Compatible with ACI Postilion Office™ v.4.2 or later.