Office Seeker

In many cases, users of the ACI Postilion Office™ need to locate transactions based, not only on card account number or common criteria, but also need to use other transaction fields - especially when searching for exception cases.

Office Seeker is a stand-alone application that allows users to search transactions in the Office system using several criteria. Office Seeker can also save common search criteria into search groups for later re-use. Additionally, Office Seeker can save search results for later viewing and reporting.

With Office Seeker, it is also possible to allow users to arrange result layouts in order to suit their particular needs. For example, users may want to create a simple, compact layout that contains all important transaction fields in one single tab. On the other hand, users could create a more advanced layout with multiple tabs to categorize more transaction fields as needed.

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Office Seeker Highlights

  • Search criteria can be saved and reused.
  • Search results can be saved and recalled for display without accessing Office™.
  • Create report on search results.
  • EFT-specific values, like extended transaction type and account type, are abbreviated using human-readable strings. Abbreviations can be changed by the end user.
  • ICC elements are parsed per byte.
  • Dynamic field layout on result screens.
  • Use of multiple field layouts.
  • Skinnable user interface.
Download this file (OfficeSeeker.pdf)Office Seeker brochure