Fee Driver

Fee Driver is a Node Integration Driver (NID) that extends ACI Postilion™ platform by providing flexible fee processing functionality.

Pluggable to any incoming or outgoing channel (Source or Sink Node), Fee Driver allows payments institutions to manage their fee policy rapidly and easily.
In both acquiring and issuing scenarios, Fee Driver can be configured to apply different fees in selected transactions (transaction filtering) based on the fee scheme that the transaction best matches.  Scheme selection is based on a variety of criteria including BIN, min-max amount, transaction type, extended transaction type, currency and country code. Each selected scheme can correspond to up to 3 different fees (Issuing, Acquiring, Bank).  All fees can be calculated using either a percentage fee, a flat fee, a minimum and maximum fee or a combination of all.

Fee Driver includes an external Fee Management application that allows the configuration of Fee Driver through a graphical user interface. Moreover, this application allows the user to test the configured fee policies before they are applied to the system.


Fee Driver Highlights

  • Pluggable to any incoming/outgoing channel
  • Different fee policy per channel
  • Applicable to a configurable transaction set (transaction filtering)
  • Multiple fee schemes per fee policy based on a variety of criteria
  • Three different types of fees
  • Fee calculation based on percentage, flat value and minimum and maximum value.
  • Graphical user interface through separate console.