Today, by integrating around-the-clock monitoring services with resilient technologies, Codix delivers uptime assurance to businesses and organizations.

CODIX, having as a main objective the transfer of technology and know-how in the information systems area in Greece, from Europe and the United States, has entered into exclusive representation and distribution agreements with very reputable software development, hardware and system integration companies. Among these are STRATUS Technologies.

Originally founded in the computer heydays of the 1970s as "Stratus Computer,"  Stratus Technologies has been committed to the art and science of fault-tolerant computing from the start.

Since 1980 Stratus products and services have enabled companies around the globe to achieve and sustain the highest levels of availability for essential business operations and critical data.

In fact you are tapping into the power of Stratus solutions when you use your credit card, make an ATM withdrawal, place a phone call, book a reservation or take a prescribed medication. Today Stratus is setting the gold standard for technology innovation and solutions uptime in virtualized environments.

Technologies and services designed to prevent downtime and data loss

While some solutions help you recover from downtime, Stratus solutions are designed to prevent downtime and data loss in the first place. From concept to production to deployment, Stratus designs and builds failure-prevention features into their hardware, software and services solutions. And they do it within a framework that mandates operational simplicity for users.

No matter which Stratus product you choose, this distinct difference guarantees a multitude of benefits.