Postilion Solution Chosen by the ATEBank of Greece to Replace EFT Platform

on 20 March 2006

S1 Corporation (Nasdaq: SONE), the leading provider of customer interaction software solutions for financial and payment services, today announced the signing of an agreement with the ATEbank of Greece S.A. (ABG) to supply the full Postilion suite to replace the bank's existing ATM-driving platform and enable it to expand its service offering. This agreement was brokered by Codix S.A., S1 Corporation's Postilion reseller in Greece, which will implement and support the system.

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In the first phase of the project, Postilion Realtime will be used to drive the bank's existing and new ATMs. ABG intends to migrate its current network of 600 ATMs -- branded as ATEnet -- and the 15 ATMs it drives on behalf of another Greek bank to Postilion in mid-2006. During this phase Postilion Realtime will replace the incumbent ON/2 switching platform, connecting to the Greek national switch (DIAS), to Visa and MasterCard, and to the core banking system and back-office systems.

Additionally, Postilion Realtime will enable the bank to fulfill its EMV compliance commitments. Postilion PostCard will manage ABG's 1,000,000 debit cards. Postilion Office will allow the bank to perform continuous back-office processing without impacting the online system.

The bank plans to expand the reach of its ATM network, implement new banking channels, and offer new financial services on the Postilion Realtime platform. The bank's goal is for Postilion Realtime to become its financial transaction processing platform, with all transactions from all the bank's subsidiaries and channels being routed through Postilion Realtime to the relevant authorising module on the host system. Postilion Realtime will also provide stand-in authorisation, thereby allowing the bank to offer 24 x 7 service on the new banking channels.

Anastasios Papanikoloau, director of the electronic banking department at ATEbank of Greece, explains why the bank chose Postilion: "We were looking for an open systems transaction processing platform to replace our existing proprietary system. In Postilion, we found a solution with the breadth of functionality that will become central to our strategy for new banking service offerings to the Greek market. For instance, ABG intends to offer Internet banking, Phone banking, Web Kiosks and has ambitions of becoming the location of choice for utility bill payment -- with Postilion, we can do this with ease."

"This agreement," says Chris Pappas, the president and CEO of Codix, "highlights S1 Corporation's growing profile in the European market and Postilion's reputation as the open technology transaction processing system of choice. Postilion has a fast time to market and is designed so that support, maintenance, new integrations, and system enhancements can be done cost effectively with industry-standard technical resources."
"S1 considers this a flagship implementation in the region and an important partnership between these three organisations," says S1's head of operations in Europe and the Middle East, Jan Kruger. "ATEbank of Greece has purchased the breadth of functionality that our software offers. We are delighted that, after thorough due diligence, a leading European retail bank considers our product best in class. This underlines Postilion's position as the leading open systems payment product on the market."
About S1 Corporation

S1 Corporation (incorporating Mosaic Software) delivers customer interaction software for financial and payment services and offers unique solution sets for financial institutions, retailers, and processors. S1 employs 1,500 people in operations in the North America, Europe and Middle East,

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The payments software solution, Postilion, was added to S1's software solutions when it acquired Mosaic Software in November 2004. Postilion drives payments, including advanced financial transactions such as prepay and self-service, through ATMs, POS terminals, phones, and Internet access points.

Postilion provides consolidated management information, integrated card management, EMV chip enablement, and loyalty software solutions. Postilion reduces transaction processing costs, speeds time to market for new products and offerings, improves analysis of customer transactions and business opportunities, and increases profitability. Postilion is at the forefront of next-generation payments processing software -- 250 customers in 49 countries use Postilion to provide leading-edge consumer transaction processing. For more information, please visit

About the ATEbank of Greece S.A.

ABG is a group of seven financial services subsidiaries. Ever since its founding in 1929, ABG has combined modern banking practices with the concern to promote the overall development of the Greek farming sector. ABG's client base is now estimated at more than 2.5 million customers.
Far from simply "agricultural," ABG offers a full spectrum of financial products and services in order to satisfy the whole range of customer financial needs. With its more than 450 branches covering the entire country and 600-strong ATM network, ABG ensures round-the-clock retail banking availability. Moreover, ABG's representative office in Germany and a worldwide network of 50 correspondent banks testify to its dynamic presence in the international banking system.

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Codix S.A. Systems Integration focuses on providing turnkey solutions, consulting as well as systems integration for large and complex projects in the Banking and Financial services Industries as well as for the Telecommunication and Security Sectors.

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Codix's client list includes major banks and other companies of the public and private sector in Greece, Cyprus and the Balkans such as: ATEbank, Piraeus Bank, Cosmote, CYTA (Cyprus), DIAS-Interbanking Systems SA, EFG Eurobank, the Central Bank of Greece, Geniki Bank, RASDAQ ROMANIA, TIM and University of Athens.
Codix resells S1 Corporation's Postilion payments software solution throughout Greece, Cyprus, Romania, and Bulgaria.

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