About Codix

Codix is a privately owned corporation established in Athens in 2002.

Codix specializes in the field of computer technology (hardware and software), possessing extensive expertise in banking and financial systems, as well as systems integration skills for large and complex projects.

Codix helps clients solve challenges, accelerate innovation in the payments business and create opportunities to drive profitability.

We work with our clients to understand their goals and we have a clear vision of how to seamlessly integrate an accelerated solution to help meet those goals. We use service-oriented architecture (SOA) to implement fundamental business functions and assemble them into business processes. Systems Integrations Services helps you overcome the limitations of outdated, legacy payment systems so you can better meet emerging business needs.

Codix will help you rationalize your current payment applications, modernize it to align with your business and technology strategies. These services help you implement the new architectures and technologies that will help you keep moving forward with the business.